JJ's Keepsake Gardens

Davenport, IA  just south of I-80

I will be closed from Aug. 11th thru Aug. 25th, 2018.  If you are getting married during this time frame, please contact me at least 2 weeks before so that I can make arrangements for someone to take care of your flowers in my absence.  If not, place the flowers in fresh water, keep them in a cool place, and call me on the 25th if they still look OK. 




Please call for an appointment


email:  jjskeepsakes@aol.com 


 Welcome to the world of floral preservation.




  Available Sunday and Holidays

Shadowboxes, display cases, domed frames, here at JJ's Keepsake Gardens we can offer you the opportunity to cherish your floral memories in a custom designed keepsake.  We will freeze dry your precious flowers with a state-of-the-art process to create a timeless keepsake that perfectly preserves your blooms. 



As the owners of JJ's, we take pride and pleasure in offering our customers personalized attention.  When working with our customers, we accommodate their special requests for any additional memorabilia (pearls, invitations, pictures, ribbons, tiaras, etc.)  Your flowers and any adornments are handled with care. We truly believe that each design should reflect the moments being captured.



To this point, we offer numerous ways in which to display your items.  There are frames with acrylic domes, shadowboxes, and glass tabletop display cases.  These are available in different sizes, shapes, finishies, and with various backgrounds.  (See photo gallery).  We try to take into consideration all special requests.  All of the designs are customized to your specifications and no two are alike. This process is time consuming and it will take 3-4 months from the time that your design decision to receive your finished product.