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Freeze drying process

JJ's Keepsake Gardens

Floral preservation is a science as well as an art.  The freeze drying process is the best method to preserve your special flowers.  Good Housekeeping and NBC Dateline recently rated freeze-drying the best preservation method available today. 

The Freeze Drying Process:

 When we receive your flowers we first photograph them.  They are then taken apart and rehydrated.  Each flower is individually chemically treated so that the flowers will retain their rich colors.  They are then put in trays and placed in the freeze dryer.  The freeze dryer takes them down to -30 F.  At this point a vacuum is pulled to allow the moisture to slowly be withdrawn from the petals.  Over a period of time the temperature is raised until it reaches 60 F. 

The flowers are then removed from the freeze dryer and post treated to ensure their longevity.  The are carefully stored until the design process starts.

Each keepsake is as unique as our customers.  We work closely with our customers to make sure that their keepsake is up to their expectations.  There are a multitude of different enclosure available to please the most discerning customer.

If possible, please keep your flowers hydrated and in a cool place before bringing them to us.  They better condition your flowers are in when we receive them, the better they will freeze dry.