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Bridal bouquets

When preparing for a wedding it is best to contact us one months before the actual date.  That gives us ample time to discuss the type of display and what you may want to include with your flowers.  You may also want to suggest gift certificates from JJ's Keepsake Gardens as a wedding gift to offset the cost.  By setting up your bouquet keepsake before the wedding, you are prepared to care for your flowers and have someone attend to them.

If however there isn't time, you may still bring your flowers to us after the wedding for preservation.  If you can't come yourself to make the decisions at the time, you may send a $100.00 deposit with whomever brings the flowers.  This will allow us to begin the preservation process.  You may then contact us within the next 2-3 weeks to determine how you want your keepsake designed. 

There are a few things you should do with your flowers after the wedding to keep them until you can get them to us.  If you are carrying the stems, place the flowers in water and refrigerate.  If not, simply refrigerate.  DO NOT FREEZE!  If you bring the flowers when it is below the 32 F outside, make sure that your flowers are covered whenever they are exposed to the air.  If you must bring the flowers from a distance, place them in a cooler with an inch of newspaper between the flowers and the ice.  Try not to smash your flowers.  They are rehydrated, but the better they look when we get them, the better they will preserve.  If necessary, we can replace flowers.  You may also want to think about a keepsake for the parents of the bride and groom or for the grandparents as well.  Sometimes, bridesmaids are also interested.  We can preserve a single flower or whole bouquets.   This makes a nice thank you gift for all their help in planning your special day.

Please call as soon after the wedding as possible.  We will be waiting to hear from you and we hope that your wedding day is filled with cherished moments.